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Boyfriend Pillow Australia provides pillows for creating a feeling of comfort, which aids in getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well-rested.

Why Our Boyfriend Pillow?

Boyfriend Pillows are a awesome new product that replicates the experience of snuggling into a loved ones arms, allowing you to feel safe and secure whilst getting a great nights sleep.

If you’re inbetween relationships or haven’t found Mr Right yet, a Boyfriend Pillow makes the perfect companion for the everyday women, just like yourself, who are simply looking for a no strings attached cuddle campanion.

Perhaps you already have a partner, but they are often travelling or work unusual hours? A Boyfriend Pillow (or ‘Husband Pillow’ if you prefer) is the perfect solution. You may even wish to spray some of your partner’s cologne onto your new snuggle partner in order to remind you of your man when he’s unable to give you the cuddle you are longing for.

Imagine sitting down to watch your favourite TV show, feeling safe and secure in the embrace of a soft and comfortable Boyfriend Pillow, or maybe you’ll prefer to keep your new Boyfriend Pillow in the bedroom for the ultimate night’s sleep.


We All Need a Hug Sometimes

In-between relationships? Does your partner often have to travel for work? Or are you just looking to relax with a nice warm hug? Whatever your situation, Boyfriend Pillows are fast becoming the next hottest craze thanks to their superior comfort and authentic ‘snuggle’ experience.

Shop with confidence knowing that we are the ORIGINAL and the BEST Boyfriend Pillow Supplier in Australia. You get the best quality pillow at the best price and the fastest shipping to your door.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, or for a friend, the Boyfriend Pillow is the ultimate cuddle companion when you need it most.

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What Our Clients Say

This is a great pillow! I cuddle while binge-watching a movie. It actually works! How?! This pillow feels like a hug! It feels like a supportive friend or a loved one laying in bed with you at night. Highly recommend!Juliet D.


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I Want A Boyfriend!

We have no doubt that at some point soon you’ll find the man of your dreams, he’s out there! In the meantime, the boyfriend pillow will provide you with the warmth and comfort that you’re longing for.

We are the leading supplier in Australia and offer the best quality Boyfriend Pillows, at a great price, with fast and reliable shipping options to suit every shopper.

We are able to ship Boyfriend Pillows all over Australia including: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and beyond.

Most of our Boyfriend Pillows feature a removable and washable outer shirt and offer a firm yet soft sleeping experience.

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Boyfriend Pillow Australia

We are the preferred Australian supplier for Boyfriend Pillows.  We have boyfriend pillows in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and can deliver to most regional centres as well. We also have a great range of Pregnancy Pillow and Maternity Pillows if your boyfriend pillow happens to turn into something a little more serious.

Boyfriend Pillow Price

Boyfriend pillows range in price starting around $34.95 right up to $49.95. We also offer Free shipping on all our products with no minimum order amount. Do not get stung buying a cheaper pillow as the quality will be no good. Also, some people prefer Boyfriend pillows from $14.95 but then slug for shipping. With us it’s the best price everyday and we include the shipping.

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How to Make a Boyfriend Pillow

Some people attempt to make their own boyfriend pillows by stuffing a mens shirt with pillow downing and sewing the sleeves closed. Speaking from experience, this leads to a pretty poor replication of the real thing and can often lose its shape. Rather than spending $30 on materials why not spend $34.95 on the real deal and save yourself the hassle?

Can you use your pillows as cuddle pillows?

The Boyfriend Pillow is the ultimate cuddle pillow. There is nothing better then a nice supportive and comforting arm around you to make you feel better and fall asleep. The Boyfriend Pillow is designed to enhance cuddling for singles, couples or partners that have to travel for work. They also help to eliminate neck pain and give you the ultimate cuddling experience.

I Miss My Boyfriend

Does you boyfriend often work away or have you recently been through the painful process of a break-up? This is more common than you think and you’re definitely not alone. A cozy boyfriend pillow will provide you with the comfort and secure feeling that you’re missing and help you to overcome the heartache you’re currently experiencing.

I Hate Sleeping Alone

You’re not the only one! Millions of Australian women sleep alone every night and most of them hate it just like you do. Purchase a boyfriend pillow online now and you’ll never feel like you’re sleeping alone again!

Long Distance Relationship Advice

At some point on our lives many of us will endure the difficult task of a long distance relationship. Quite often you’ll miss your partner most when it’s time for bed and there’s no one there to cuddle into. A boyfriend pillow can replicate the look and feel of your partner when they can’t be there in bed with you.

Boyfriend Pillows Target

You may have seen boyfriend pillows in target but don’t pay full retail price for something you can get online for a fraction of the cost. We are the main supplier in Australia. Our boyfriend pillow are made by sourcing the best products from the best manufacturers.

Boyfriend Pillows Ebay

You may see cheaper deals on Ebay, but we can assure you they can’t match our quality. Also, they might sell a boyfriend pillow at 14.95 but slug you with shipping costs. Who knows the quality you are getting and how long it will take. With us, we include free shipping at one low price and we are Australian, so you will get reliable fast shipping, and great service if anything does go wrong.

Boyfriend Pillows Groupon

You don’t need to wait for group discount deals, you can buy boyfriend pillows at the everyday lowest prices from us.

Boyfriend Pillows Scoupon

You don’t need to wait for group discount deals, you can buy boyfriend pillows at our everyday lowest prices right now!

Cuddle Pillow

Lots of woman who are in relationships may buy a boyfriend pillow simply because they love the idea of being hugged and cuddled all night while there partner wants to be left alone on the other side of the bed. Our cuddle pillows don’t snore, drool or smell. Perfect for that woman that wants to be cuddled all night. Our cuddling boyfriend pillows are great and we hope you get to experience the feeling soon.

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