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What is A Boyfriend Pillow?

Boyfriend Pillows are an awesome new product that replicates the experience of snuggling into a loved one’s arms, allowing you to feel safe and secure whilst getting a great night’s sleep.

If you’re in between relationships or haven’t found Mr. Right yet, a Boyfriend Pillow makes the perfect companion for everyday women, just like yourself, who are simply looking for a no-strings-attached cuddle companion.

Perhaps you already have a partner, but they are often traveling or work unusual hours? A Boyfriend Pillow (or ‘Husband Pillow’ if you prefer) is the perfect solution. You may even wish to spray some of your partner’s cologne onto your new snuggle partner in order to remind you of your man when he’s unable to give you the cuddle you are longing for.

Common Features of Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend pillows support the head, neck, and shoulders from a physical standpoint, keeping them aligned, reducing pressure, and balancing the body’s points. A lower back support pillow aids in the support of the lumbar spine’s inward slope. Sitting for long periods of time without any support for the lower back and legs can cause muscle stress and pain.

Pregnancy Pillow Replacement Case: This is the pregnancy pillow replacement case for our extremely popular pregnancy pillow product.

Original Boyfriend Pillow: This product is ideal for helping you sleep, and making you feel comfortable.

Novelty Penis Pillow: This big plush pillow is as comfy as they come. Especially as a laugh, joke on a friend or family member, or as a cuddle toy novelty.

Muscle Boyfriend Pillow: You’ll never be lonely again with this comfortable arm pillow.

Maternity/ Pregnancy Pillow: It is huge, soft, comfortable, and supportive. Perfect for the expecting mum or new mum. Better than the rest out there. It provides comfort for expecting and new mums!

Arm Pillow: Find a comfy place to rest anytime and anywhere with help from our arm pillow. No matter where you find yourself, you’ll be able to slide your arm right through the pillow and transform your bony arm into an unbelievably plush spot to lay your head.


Why Use A Sleeping Pillow? Here Are Reasons Why You Should:

The Boyfriend Pillow is the ultimate cuddle pillow. There is nothing better than a nice supportive and comforting arm around you to make you feel better and fall asleep. The Boyfriend Pillow is designed to enhance cuddling for singles, couples, or partners that have to travel for work. They also help to eliminate neck pain and give you the ultimate cuddling experience.

Lots of women who are in relationships may buy a boyfriend pillow simply because they love the idea of being hugged and cuddled all night while their partner wants to be left alone on the other side of the bed. Our cuddle pillows don’t snore, drool, or smell. Perfect for that woman that wants to be cuddled all night. Our cuddling boyfriend pillows are great and we hope you get to experience the feeling soon.

Caring for Your Boyfriend Pillow

Remove the pillow cover or case, which can be washed in the machine. Fill a tub or sink halfway with warm water to completely submerge the pillow. Pour a tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent per pillow into the water and stir it around to ensure that it is properly distributed.

Allow the detergent to absorb into the cushion by submerging it in water. To remove dirt and allow water to pass through each layer, massage and squeeze the pillow.
Remove the pillow when it has been fully rubbed and rinse it with fresh water. You’ll want to work on this for a long period to ensure that you get as much soap out as possible. Before finishing the rinse, inspect the runout for suds.

You don’t want to put delicate pillows in the dryer, so towel off as much as you can and hang the pillow outside to dry. Make sure there is no water left in the pillow and that it does not feel moist before bringing it back in and using it.

Guaranteed Best Price

The price of a boyfriend pillow differs according to the type and colour that you desire. It is important to note that buying one will give you the comfort and secure feeling you need. The enjoyment that it gives is worth and the work that was put into making it is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


Since 2018

Boyfriend Pillow Australia was made to help you improve your sleep quality and your lower back pains. We were born of Love, with love and we hope you enjoy your boyfriend pillow.